7 sessions and 1 private consultation

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Neutralize the life events that negatively impact you

  • Use the chakras to balance your personal energy

  • Use the 5 elements to define adjustments that can influence the quality of your life

  • Understand how to use tools based on the Tree of Life to improve your life and the lives of others

As an acupuncturist, I have heard many stories about accidents, bad decisions, losses, illnesses, prejudice, injustice, abuse, and trauma. People accept the influences of these events as life sentences that keep them from ever being happy or healthy; from feeling worthy; from achieving their dreams. Just like our bodies are impacted by life’s pitfalls, our bodies hold all the answers that can return us to harmony and balance. If we open the way, our bodies’ innate wisdom will make the necessary adjustments to our being, thinking and feeling.

Heart of Life

Course Curriculum

    1. Module 0: Overview and Objectives


    1. What we will cover in this class

    2. The Body Map

    3. Check your live session schedule

    4. 5 Element Out Of Balance Summary

    5. Your Energy Summary Form

    1. What We Will Cover in this Class

    2. The 7 Major Chakras

    3. Pendulum Work & Chakra Reading

    4. You will need these pages from your Getting to the Heart of the Matter manual (Pages 50, 66, 67)

    5. Additional Notes on Pendulum Movements

    6. Check your live session schedule

    1. 5 Elements and the Heart Connection

    2. Check your live session schedule

    3. What we will cover in this class

    1. What We will Cover in Today's Session

    2. The 5 Elements Are Our Answer Key

    3. 5 Element Assessment Download

    4. Check your live session schedule

About this course

  • $225.00
  • 28 lessons
  • Take Sure Steps to Health: Our bodies are impacted by life’s pitfalls, and they hold the answers that return us to harmony. Learn to access our innate wisdom to make adjustments needed on every level to restore peace, health, growth, and balance.

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